MARINA is a small fisherman village and a port situated on the inside part of the cove that has the same name.  Today, it is a big tourist centre only 12 km west of Trogir.  Symbol of Marina and the surrounding is «KULA» (tower) in the centre of the village, which was used in the past as a defending point form the attacking Turks.  Today is renovated and serves as a beautiful hotel.  There are 1089 residents in Marina.  This gives even more advantage to this place; it guarantees peace to everybody who decides to spend their vacations in this picturesque Dalmatian village.

Opposite the old tower is the nautic marine in which apartments Brkljača have permanent place for the boat of their guests.  The shores of Marina have many small coves with sand and pebbles beaches.

Apartments Brkljača have a view at the sea and they are only 150 meters away from the beautiful beaches to which you can come walking along the beautiful promenade within 3 minutes (nautic marine).

Inside of the family house Brkljača there are two apartments that can accommodate up to 10 people.

Obrt Brkljača


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